Hospitals don’t have to be scary if you know these funny ways to sneak food anywhere! Use our clever DIY tips & hacks on how to sneak snacks into the hospital and you will instantly feel better! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more funny situations & the best pranks by Kaboom Zoom!
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00:00 Candy In Neck Cast
00:38 Fake Patient
01:34 Crutches From Bread
02:31 Coke Drip System
03:51 Staff Dealer
05:04 Hypnotizing Candy
05:57 Fake Blood Stains
06:46 Bandits Attack
08:13 Fish Tank With Sprite
09:20 Fake Broken Arm
10:33 Human Organ Box
11:24 Donated Blood Bags
12:18 Pampers With Candy
13:01 Secret Parcel
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